Uganda being one of the best destinations to pay a visit in Africa, there are many things to see and do ranging from mountain gorilla trekking, game viewing, mountaineering, Banji jumping, whitewater rafting and many others.

The fact that many tourists chose Uganda instead of other exciting travel destinations in the world is enough to confirm that Uganda could be a top tourist destination in Africa. The country is a year round destination with cool weather atmosphere conducive for any type of Africa holiday and has enough tourists’ attractions that make a holiday very meaningful. The presence of numerous primate species , rain forests, rivers, Lakes, mountains, culture, friendly people, source of the Nile, islands, birds, wildlife attract thousands to the country to discover the outstanding beauty. See bellow why Uganda can be top in Africa in the world of travel and holidays. Here are the top things to do in Uganda;

Gorilla Trekking

Though mountain gorillas live also in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda has the highest number in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park. It was in 2002 when the great news from all organizations that protect mountain gorillas confirmed that Uganda population of mountain gorillas is high compared to other destinations where mountain gorillas exist. With this Uganda top in Africa as the world number one gorilla safari destination for all gorilla safari tours. For a while now mountain gorillas are the reason for many tourist arrivals in Uganda though still many people all over the world just know their existence but very few have made their way to expedience their jungle life and also learn about their real facts.

Cultural Tours

Despite Uganda being voted among the countries with the friendliest people, living in Uganda is just like being in another home abroad, the people of Uganda are helpful, ever happy and kind that they render assistance to whoever seeks it provided you request. This can be realized when you go on safari or when you take a walk on the street and fail to allocate a right street or lane to use. The truth is that friendly people is one of the Uganda safari experiences tourists get after their trips in the country.

Bird watching

Uganda has more than 1,000 recorded unique bird species. From every angle and whoever goes on a birding safari exploring Uganda birding paradise together with guides in  bird watching specialization hence considering  Uganda as a birders paradise in Africa. Birding is always perfect in Uganda due to several rain forests, wetlands and lakes the famous breeding areas for birds. Most popular birding safari areas in Uganda include Mabamba swamp famous  for shoebill stork,Kibale forest national park –a great forest bird area,Queen Elizabeth a home to over 55o bird species, Bwindi forest known for albertine endermics, Murchion falls  also known for shoe bill stork, bee eater,giant kingfisher ,Budongo forest, mabira forest,Bigodi wetland,Lake Mburo,Entebbe botanical gardens etc.


Chimpanzee Tracking

It’s rare to find a wide ranges of primates in a particular tourists destination .However, Uganda is the vice versa because it’s a home to great chimpanzee safari parks and forest reserves that offer perfect chimpanzee viewing experiences as well as habituation.Kibale forest , kyambura gorge, kalinzu forest and Budongo are the most known while the country also owns the finest chimpanzee sanctuary for viewing and feeding chimps-Ngamba island. If you like primates , Uganda will simply be your best among all Africa travel destinations. Still Uganda has the most exciting water adventures , lakes, wildlife etc that make it worth in Africa. However, also the country has great investment opportunities in tourism especially in the accommodation sector, sport tourism a good place to be for even business travelers.


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