Welcome to Kampala a City built on seven hills. On this Web site you will find information on all aspects of life, culture, attractions, travel-tips, leisure, where to eat and sleep and where to step out while in Kampala.

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda has expanded to spread over ten hills and derives its name from one of the local language kiganda expression “kasozi k’empala, “the hill of antelopes”.


Kampala is very friendly and unlike many thriving, modern cosmopolitan cities – you are never far from a warm smile or a relaxed greeting, and your wish to walk the streets is not daunted by the worry of intimidation.

After work, the city’s friendliness is most apparent in its enormous capacity to relax and enjoy.

In the past few years, new restaurants, nightclubs, bars and casinos have sprung up all over the city.

There is hardly a country that isn’t represented effectively when it comes to good eating and drinking!
In Kampala, a wide variety of eating places, coffee shops and night clubs tell the cities night life with flare and fondness.

Origins of Kampala

The origins of the Kampala city go back to 1891 when Kabaka of Buganda had his court on Rubaga and Mengo hills.
The town that grew from colonial and royal resting place achieved municipal status in 1950 and became a city’ in 1962.

Today, as you stand on the hills of Kampala, the City provides magnificent evergreen trees, gently disrupted by red-tiled villas, green iron-roofed bungalows, as well as taller modern city profiles that give way to attractive views of the surrounding country side and nearby Lake Victoria.

Kampala Today:

The City has retained its traditional charm, and remains the greenest in Africa. But today Kampala is the heart of Uganda.
The centre of commercial life and the seat of government. It is a vibrant modern metropolis adorned with gardens and parks providing colorful oases for its citizens and visitors alike, Hotel facilities range from the best international hotels, with state-of -the-art conference facilities, to accommodation for the more budget-minded travellers.

The broad range of cultures in Uganda is also reflected in the wide choice of restaurants in the City, all featuring the wonderful produce of the fertile country side and fish-filled lakes.

The open food markets like that of Nakasero and Owino do truly reflect Uganda’s agricultural endowment.

While in other cities of the world, one would go an extra mile to eat an organically grown fruit or vegetable, in Kampala all what is grown is organically friendly and naturally delicious.

Stepping  Out

Ugandans like to party and thus there is no shortage of nightspots to let your hair down. In the old industrial area are Club Silk and Ange Noir relatively close to each other, so if you get tired of one, just take a stroll to the other. Out of town is the other, PULSATIONS. There are also numerous drinking places and bars. The Sheraton also has a British style Pub serving ale’s from around the world …. at a price!


Looking to spend a bit of cash? Kampala has five Casino’s for your gambling pleasure and the list is growing.
Kampala night life is lively and fun as the youth and old alike fill Kampala night places to have fun.
In the last couple of years several places of night life have sprung up in Kampala to such an extent that it almost impossible for the first time visitors to Kampala to believe the serenity and enjoyment the Kampalans have everyday.

Some of the places to be at night in Kampala are:

  • Kampala Casino – Kimathi Avenue
  • Hotel Equatoria Casino – Ben Kiwanuka Street
  • Al’s Bar at “Half London” Kansanga
  • Wagadugu at Kisementi
  • Just Kicking at Kisementi Kamwokya
  • DV8 on Wilson Road
  • Rock Garden Cafe’ at Speke Hotel
  • Kaos on Kitante Road
  • Sabrina’s Pub on Bombo Road
  • House of Entertainment – Crested Towers


Uganda as a nation loves food, and no celebration is ever complete without a feast. As a result there is no shortage of eating places in the country. Food is generally cheap and there is something to suit every pocket and taste. Prices range from a mere Ush2000 to 60,000 a head depending on what you have and where you choose to dine. For those who want to try the delicious Baganda traditional dish called “oluwombo”, don’t miss Ekitobeero Restaurant on Kintate Road near Fairway Hotel.



Available in most places. Try the “Nyoma Choma” available at most drinking places also referred to as “drinking joints”. But the favourite places for “nyama choma” are:- Kabalagala or commonly referred to as “Half London”, Kisementi, Wandegeya and Bamboo nest in Bugolobi.
“Nyoma Choma” is roasted beef,  goat meat, pork or chicken served with green vegetables (salads) and Pepper (optional).

The favourites are “Past Leaders” and affectionate name for pork and chicken also is available at all “joints”. Most of the hotels in Kampala serve extensive menu of local Ugandan cuisines, the most famous being the “Luwombo” – a delicious stew steamed in banana leaves – a must try!. Uganda’s fresh water fish is also highly recommended especially the Nile Perch and the Tilapia.


For really good, classic Italian dishes, try Mamba Point, run by Guido and Fiona. Fancy a superb pizza with tilapia fish followed by an exotic ice cream! Try the Mammamia on the terrace of the Speke Hotel.


Indian restaurants are also well represented in Kampala.

Sam’s near Farmer Choice, the Haandi in the Hotel Equatoria serves delicious North Indian cuisine from the Punjab (you may watch the Roomali Roti being made in its kitchen through a large window). The Maharaja serves curries and Tandoori cuisine in delightful surroundings at the Speke hotel, and, at the Masala Chaat House you may enjoy the delicious Dosas and Uttapams of South India. An excellent vegetarian restaurant serving truly delicious Indian delicacies can be found in Dewinton Road opposite the Crafts Market. Highly recommended.


Andy the Greek located on Acacia Avenue, (run by Andy and Marie) provides spectacularly accomplished traditional Hellenic dishes, meze and superb seafood in a comfortable and very welcoming environment.


Ms. Fang Min is the perfectionist of Chinese food at the Fang Fang restaurant located on 4th Floor, Greenland Bank Towers on Kampala Road, offers a varied menu cooked by three chefs, each specializing in a different provincial Chinese cuisine. A truly superb Thai Restaurant can be found on road called Kulua,


If you are a fan of fondues, try Le Plein Vent for a mouthwatering and substantial meal. You could be forgiven for thinking that you’re in Paris when eating at The Crocodile Cafe and Bar and it would be difficult to better the English food at 7 Cooper Road for quality and value in London.

Al fresco dining in the beautiful gardens of the Gallery Cafe combines really good food with attractive pictures and don’t miss enjoying an authentic taste of Ugandan cuisine at the the Kampala Casino on Thursdays.

However, if you are in Kampala, don’t just limit yourself to hotels, there are fabulous restaurants and places to kick the boredom away like the tantalizing, “Just Kicking” Bar and Restaurant at Kisementi.

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