Masaka is a pretty town built on one side of a hill. It located in the central part of Uganda about 140 kilometers from Kampala City, on the highway to Mbarara Town. It is an important business hub for travelers as it is famously known as the home of the Equator. It is the second largest urban centre in western Uganda. Like Mbarara, it is growing at a high speed and it is the 8th largest urban centre in the country. There are frequent taxis and buses to Masaka from Kampala.

There are many places with good attractions one cannot miss out as long as he is in Masaka and these are;

Lake Nabugabo Holiday and Conference Centre. The centre is situated at the shores of Lake Nabugabo in Masaka district, about 21 kms from Masaka town. There are a number of activities carried out and these include; canoeing, Sport Fishing and recreation on the sand beaches, Bird watching, swimming and camping. Besides camping they also have holiday resort accommodation facilities. The resort has enormous potential for development of modern water sports.

Sand Beach Nabugabo is situated about 23 kilometers from Masaka town, at the shores of Lake Nabugabo. It is popular for annual canoeing competitions. It is also popular for motor rallying events, fishing, and camping, beautiful bandas/cottages. Other activities include recreational activities like beach volleyball and beach football.

Agro-Tourism, This activity has significant potential in the District, as a tourist attraction. Its market ranges from domestic to international tourism. The products include experiences regarding improved banana growing methods, cattle zero-grazing and other forms of sustainable agriculture.

The district is home to rich Ganda cultural performances since many organized groups commercially conduct performances. Cultural performances, including storytelling, may be developed to enhance the menu of the over-night tourist package.

There are crafts shops found in Masaka town especially along the main street. Masaka is endowed with a number of wetlands whose materials can be utilized for production of crafts for domestic market and export. Some tree plants, commonly grown in the district, such as the banana and back-cloth trees, provide raw materials that can be used by the crafts industry.

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