Geographical Information

Location: Latitudes 4ºN and 1ºS
Longitudes: 30ºE and 35ºE
Topography: Altitude ranges: 620m to 5,110m
Total Area: 241,000 km²
Borders: Kenya – East,  DR Congo   – West, South Sudan – North, Tanzania and Rwanda – South
Annual average rainfall:    1250 mm evenly distributed
Annual mean temp:    25ºC

Uganda is found in East Africa and is bordered by the countries of Kenya to the East, Rwanda to the West, Tanzania to the South and Sudan to the North. It has an area of 236,580 km2. Uganda’s landscape is beautifully varied and ranges from semi desert and dry acacia woodland in the far north east, farmland in the east, to the lush and fertile shores of Lake Victoria. Her moist climate makes the countryside far greener and fertile than elsewhere in East Africa. Lake Victoria, the Victoria Nile which flow through much of the country together with other lakes, Rivers and wetlands create one of the best – watered areas in Africa, accounting for 25% of the country’s surface area and a mostly fertile arable land which is cultivated.
The Rwenzori with the highest point in Africa is found in the West, Elgon in the East bordering Kenya while undulating hills which characterize most of the country and the mountainous West form a rugged but beautiful landscape interspersed by grassland and plains. Being a tropical country, the tropical heat is tempered by the altitude which averages over 1000-1200m.

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