Human evolution is widely accepted to have began in the Rift Valley and plains of East Africa, and in Uganda there are antique hominid remains such as the one discovered in Moroto of fossils belonging to the semi- bipedal proto-hominid Morotopithecus, which is believed to have lived about 15 million years ago. Stone- age implements dating back to more than one million years ago have also been discovered in East Africa. Stone-age is a technology that was widespread in Africa, Asia and Europe, and the designs of some implements like the stone-age axe are not different. Uganda has the oldest stone-age sites.
The first human influxes are believed to have occurred more than 3,000 years ago and the second one coincided with the spread of iron technology, for these peoples brought iron-working techniques with them and lived in organized units which became centralized kingdoms and chiefdoms which still exist today but more as cultural institutions than centralized systems.

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