Lake Bisina is an attractive freshwater lake. Found in Eastern Uganda, it is long, narrow, shallow and fringed by swamp that is extensive which support a number of localized bird species including  the legendary shoebill and rare papyrus Gonolek, white-winged warbler, pygmy goose, lesser Jacana and fox’s weaver, a bird that habitats swap fringes and is endemic to Bisina. To the avid birder, Lake Bisina is a tasty bit of morsel, so to speak.

It is also known as Lake Salisbury. It is connected upstream via a wetland to Lake Opeta and drains into Lake Kyoga.

Lake Bisina is one of Uganda’s 33 Important Bird Areas and since 2006 a Ramsar-listed wetland of international importance. Lake Bisina was designated as world heritage site in September 15.

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