If you are someone that desires seclusion and beauty of nature, then Bugala Island is where you have to be for your trip during Uganda safaris. Not only will you enjoy a secluded environment, but also verdant vegetation, pristine surrounding in addition to exceptional wildlife and bird species. Is it a vacation, honeymoon or just a weekend getaway? Bugala Island is the answer.

Bugala is the largest Island within the Ugandan waters of Lake Victoria and is part of the 84 Islands that make up the Ssese Islands. Surprisingly, it is the most developed in terms of tourism and connected to the mainland by a regular motor ferry yet dotted with numerous accommodation facilities ranging from budget to luxury. The Administrative Centre of all the Islands is Kalangala, a small town found on a hilly area within the eastern border of Bugala.

This extensive Island is a haven to a number of wildlife species such as antelopes including sitatunga, waterbucks and bushbucks, primates like the blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and many others. When it comes to birds, you will be amazed by the sights and sounds different forest and aquatic birds including African fish eagles, pelicans, Ross turaco, hornbills, robin-chats, barbets, flycatchers and many others. The nearby Lutoboka Bay offers shelter to the Islands clusters of several Resort Beaches and provides different beach activities.

Another significant attraction on Bugala Island is Luku-a small village found within the western border of the Island where the Motor Ferry actually docks from the mainland. There is a well maintained murram road that connects Luku to Kalangala and other minor roads connect to other villages situated south on the Island.

Therefore, tourists who visit Bugala Island enjoy a number of tourist activities that include nature walks/hiking, camping, bird watching, fishing, boat trips, horseback rides, quad bike rides, beach activities, swimming and relaxation among others.

As earlier mentioned, there are several beautiful accommodation facilities on this Island but the common ones are Brovad Sands Lodge, Mirembe Beach Resort Hotel,  Kalangala Pearl Beach Resort, Victoria Forest Resort, Philo Leisure Gardens Hotel, Ssese Islands Beach Hotel and Panorama Cottages Hotel among others.

Besides Bugala Island (of Ssese Islands), Uganda is known for other verdant Islands that include Musambwa, Punishment Island within Lake Bunyonyi, Koome Islands and many others that will make your Uganda safari unforgettable and worthwhile. A visit to any of them will give you the relaxation you desire during your vacation or weekend getaway.

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