Uganda’s Ssese Islands  are among the listed best undiscovered  Islands in the world by Lonely Planet and particularly  what makes these islands stand out from the rest is the fact they are not severely developed for different tourism with no big hotels, no 5 Star Resorts , offering very exquisite accommodations ranging from the country facilities to moderate establishments.

In case you are searching for paradise island in Uganda a landlocked country, fortunately Uganda is blessed with one. The Ssese Islands are a few of the heavenly islands you will ever find in a landlocked country in the whole of Africa. Special about this Island is that it lies in the 2nd largest lake in the universe.

Although Uganda has no direct link to any sea or ocean, it however shares the large Lake Victoria with Tanzania as well as Kenya, and the Victoria is the 2nd largest lake in the whole world.  The Ssese Islands is An archipelago comprised of 84 islands grandly standing in the shimmering African sun, with a verdant tropical terrain with exotic plants, trees, as well as flowers all awaiting you with its characteristic beautiful sandy beaches, dotted with palm trees blown by the gentle breeze blowing off the Victoria, in addition to the very sociable islanders. Actually majority of these up to date stand pristine and undeveloped offering guests the perfect escape from the very crowded cities of Africa and Uganda to be speciefic. The Islands offer off the beaten truck paths and they are accessible all year round.

The Islands of Ssese are the best place to relax after having a number of days in the wild on safari, tracking gorillas or chimpanzees, or golden monkeys, or climbing the towering volcanoes, or the foothills of the great Rwenzori Mountains (also known as the Mountains of the moon). the Ssese Islands are a very serene immaculate place to escape and appreciate the gift of nature and in addition due to its strategic location adjacent to the International airport at Entebbe, it offers very convenient departure for you back home.

It is Not very many hours of sailing on the ferry before you arrive at the tropical Islands of Ssese with not just the beautiful sandy beaches, but as well tropical forest congested with monkeys, the hard to pin down Sitatunga Antelopes and  exotic birds – as the Ssese Islands are among the best bird watching destinations with Uganda. Alternative you can opt to catch a flight to the Islands.

on the Ssese Islands you will have the opportunity to visit the adjoining Fishing Villages as well as meet the resident people, learn about their culture and their way of life.  You can choose to have boat rides,  go paddling in company of a guide, take the motorboat to visit the different islands, fish the very large Nile Perch, tasty Tilapia, and even enjoy some of their locally cultivated fruit such as: bananas, pineapples, mangoes, jackfruit, papaya and water melons, giving you a very lovable  flavor and taste of both sweetness and savory that you will only get on these Island. The Ssese Islands offer a splendid background to various activities all of which unwinding is the foremost although  there is more than just that with some hidden on the most undisclosed, hence making it a paradise that is largely undiscovered yet cherished by those who had the opportunity to visit here.  When you think of an island in the beautiful  Sun of Africa, think of no other as right within Africa’s largest lake – the Victoria lie the Ssese Islands.

One of the awesome sights on the island are the stunning sunrises as well as the sunsets with the sun rays spread over and disappearing beneath the Lake Victoria. The breathtaking lightning over the large Victoria offers spectacular sensational displays of Africa’s natureinly enjoy as you sit and unwind by the beach and later be warmed up with a camp by the lake shores.

In addition, these islands are home to a diversity of animals among which are primates some of which are hardly seen back on the mainland. This too has pointed towards the evolution of a promising and fast growing tourism on these islands

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