Kibale National Park
Gazetted in 1993 from two adjoining protected areas, the 795sq km Kibale forest is best known for its 560km2 of primate – rich tropical forest. Kibale lies east of Rwenzori on the edge of the rift valley between Fort Portal and Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The forest contains 13 primates including a remarkable 9 diurnal species, namely chimpanzee, Grey- cheeked Mangabey, Red colobus, Red-tailed, Vervet and Blue Monkey. Present but rarely seen during the day are elephant and buffalo because of the dense forest. They are sometimes seen or heard at night from elevated treehouses overlooking the swamp in the Kanyanchu River Valley.
Kibale’s main attraction is undoubtedly chimpanzee tracking from the Kanyanchu River Camp. Habituated groups have been tracked since 1993.
Birdlife is equally rich with a 335 list of rare and endemic species. Although in the closed canopy forest it’s difficult to see the wood peckers because of the tree density. However, along the board walk trail in the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary just outside the park, birding is easier and very rewarding with sightings of the papyrus gonoleks and other rarities.

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