Kidepo Valley National Park
The park is hidden in a valley in north eastern Uganda along the border with Sudan. Surrounded by mountains it is considered by many to offer the most stunning scenery of any national park in Uganda. At 1440 km2, Kidepo is notable for a number of animals that are not found anywhere else in Uganda including Cheetahs, Ostriches and bat-eared foxes.
Five primates have been recorded in the park including the localized Patas monkey. It also has large concentrations of elephants, zebras, bushbucks, buffaloes and a number of 20 predators including Lions, Leopards and hyenas .There’s also a variety of mustelids, genets, mongooses and small cats.

There are 12 different antelope species that are found in Kidepo and they include the greater and lesser kudu, Guenther’s dik- dik, and mountain reedbuck which occur nowhere else in Uganda. Others are Jackson’s Hartebeest, Eland, Bushbuck, common duiker, Klipspringer, Oribi, Defassa waterbuck and Bohor reedbuck.

The park also supports populations of elephant, Burchell’s Zebra, Warthog, Bush pig and buffalo. The black rhinoceros recently became extinct in kidepo.It’s also a good bird – watching destination, with a  recorded number of 463 birds which includes endemic birds,%6 raptors including the pigmy falcon and Kidepo “specials” which are restricted to the park.

Why you should Explore the Plains of Kidepo Valley National Park

Uganda wildlife tourism has a secret in Kidepo Valley national park and hundreds of people fly to Uganda every year on both budget and flying safari tours to Kidepo Valley in search of an incredible Africa safari tour experience.With the unspoilt beauty of plains and wildlife, Kidepo is a perfect destination for any nature lover searching for exceptional wildife  experience in Africa.

Nothing compares to the beauty and cultural values of the Karamajong people around the park and any trip to Kidepo is worth every penny.The accomodation is affordable with all you need for a comfortable stay and that added to the endless plain views, it takes you straight into what is known as “Real Africa”.The vibrancy of the park makes it one of the world’s premier wildlife safari destination and the various park activities keep you entertained  during your stay.See bellow  why you should visit Kidepo Valley National Park.

All Budgets are Catered For

With Kidepo National Park safaris,there is some thing for every one regardless on what your budgeta and taste could be.The park has different accomodation facilities  for luxury and budget travellers and offer only the best.Apoka lodge, Agamoru wilderness camp and UWA bandas are some of the most loved and a night in any of the three makes your experience unforgetable.Above all the park tour adventures are open for all visitors eitehr local or foreign and the experience is classic.

Best Wildlife park in Africa

Talking about great wildlife resrves in Africa,Kidepo valley ranks best among the most known masai marain Kenya, Kruger national park in south Africa , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania etc.Did you know Kidepo and Masai mara border each other and wildlife roam across boarders giving you a chance  to watch variety plus your favorite.Common wildlife species in the park include lions, cheetahs,wild dogs,black-backed jackals,bat eared fox, Antelopes, Elephants, hartebeest, oribi, eland,kobs,Klipspringers etc.Forsure, there is nothing more you will miss out once you take a wildlife trip to Kidepo valley National Park.

Easy Access

Travelling to Kidepo Valley National Park  is very easy by either road or air and visitors to the park decide on the best means of transport to use depending on their budget and preferance. When using plane, there are charter flights from Entebbe to Kidepo and the journey takes only two and fifteen minutes to the park.While by road the drive takes almost a full day to kitgum  entering the park through either Nataba gate or Lokumoit Gate.The drive is scenic with various stops at Karuma falls, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Kitgum town etc.You now have more options than before do make it a point to add kidepo vallay on your safari tour in Uganda.

Exciting Cultural Experience

For cultural lovers, its fan to explore the wonderful culture of Karamajongs, their lifestyle, tradition, craul, songs and dances.Taking back the Karamajongs are people who compelently refused to be changed by western culture .They lead a life just like in the ancient,and exploring the karamajong culture is another unique tour adventure in Kidepo National Park that you can regret once missed.

Bird watching

Bird lovers can look forward to seeing more than 58 bird species in their natural habitat recorded including fourteen raptors, honbills,black breasted barbet,apalis,Egyptian Vulture, Neophron etc.During the bird watching trip eyes can also feed on the roaming primates and wildlife hence adding value and memories to the trip.

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