The bamboo forest paradise of Mgahinga sits high in the clouds in south west Uganda in Kisoro district boardering Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. Today Mgahinga National Park is recognized as one of  the most beautiful places  in Africa to see mountain gorillas and hike the attractive volcanoes. The Big thanks goes to the conservation team and gorilla doctors that ensure that living treasure still lives each day.

Perhaps the unique beauty of the park lies in the mountain gorillas, volcanoes, golden monkeys and the Batwa people also know as pygmies and forest people.There is some thing in Mgahinga to suit evey one no matter when you chose to explore the park.Where else can you track gorillas , golden monkeys and hike the impressive volcanoes at affordable rates other than in mgahinga national park in Uganda.We think Mgahinga is one of the most captivation cheap places for gorilla safaris , golden monkey trekking and volcano hike.

Things to See & Do in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mountain Gorillas

Mgahinga mountain gorillas that are described by their life style of staying up in the bamboo forest, gorilla tracking safaris in Mgahinga are always exceptional and requires tough hikes through the bamboo vegetation to where gorillas are.Tourists need to be fit enough or in health shape in order to make it to where the Nyakagezi gorillas could be. Once you find the gorillas and set eyes on the silver back and others, the hassles and pains go away and the focus is only put on the impressive forest creatures. No wonder tourists and tour operators fine the park very amzing despite its small size and having only one habituated gorilla group. Gorilla safaris in Mgahinga are conducted just like gorilla safari tours in other gorilla parks like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park but the experience is same.

Volcano Hikes

Hiking Mghainga volcanoes has always been among the top tourist activities that make Mgahinga national park incredible and its best done during the peak season  also known as dry months of the year-June-August and December- March when Uganda has less rains. The three volcanoes make the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic and a hike to the top open doors of wonderful views of all the three countries. Imagine being up and having the entire world at hand  for photography.To hike the volcanoes you need to be fit enough since the hikes are challenging and takes a full day to the top and back.

Golden Monkey trekking

Do you want to see mountain gorillas and golden monkeys on your trip to Africa?.Mgahinga National Park is one  the great places to experience  it best. A forest walk in search of golden monkeys  in very interesting and would recommend this activity to all primate lovers in the park on gorilla tracking tours provided you have a free morning at the park. Enjoy the beautiful Park Forest habitants and scenery among which include the forest birds, Rugezi swamp, wild vegetation and much more.

Batwa Cultural Trail

Still this makes Mgahinga very unique among all other gorilla trekking safari destinations in the region. A forest walks of learning and engaging into the Batwa people life style deep in the forest that ends at a cage. If you like getting close to new cultural traditions, The Batwa trail in Mgahinga will make your day. Hunting, medicine making, making fire with sticks, singing and dancing and a lot more is what you enjoy while with the forest people who still believe there life style is the best. The bamboo forests in Mgahinga gorilla national park was previously occupied by the pygmies(Batwa) tribe that now live in the neighboring areas of the park. Get a chance to interact with pygmies and learn more details about their new life ancient through a cultural tour in the forest.

Bird watching

Mgahinga is also one of the bird watching paradise areas in Africa and birders spot over 120 bird species both residents and migrants.a birding safari to the park will expose you to many forest  creatures that will add value to your birding safari experience.Its definqate that Mgahinga offers fantastic bird watching tours  found no where unless if you choose to explore the wonderful protected area. Birding guides take you through  the entire process even to points where you can spot your favorite.Despite the many bird watching spots in Africa, Mgahinga national park stands out among the best and worth visiting for any bird watching safari in Uganda.

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