Rwenzori Mountains National Park
First a protected forest in 1941, the 995km Rwenzori mountain National Park was created in 1991 and recognized as a world heritage site in 1994. The Rwenzori is the highest mountain range in Africa. Although known primarily for it’s challenging hiking and climbing possibilities, it supports a diverse range of animals, including 70 mammal amd 177 bird species several of the latter are Albertine Rift Endemics.
The mountain contains a variety of wildlife such as elephant, buffalo and the rare Rwenzori leopard, Rwenzori colobus, Hyrax, Blue monkey and Rwenzori Turaco. It is the only national park in Uganda where the Angola Colobus has been recorded. The localized Angola Colobus can easily be confused with the more wide spread Black- and –white Colobus, and therefore needs to be examined more closely.

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