kagulu hill in busoga

Standing tall in the Eastern based Buyende district, the permanent, mysterical Kagulu hill appears vibrant close to the horizon. It is here where the founding father of Busoga’s royal house rested after crossing to Busoga from Bunyoro via Lake Kyoga.

Today it’s toweringly revolving into a must visit tourist site in the stunning Busoga region of the eminent “Pearl of Africa.’’ Thousands of hiking enthusiasts travel to this astonishing spot to call nature to a challenge as they bid to climb the strange Kagulu hill. You will lend both ears to strange but so intriguing magical tales that will get you stunned during cultural your tour in Busoga.

One of the several pleasurable tales that will keep you inspired during your great expedition to accomplish the Kagulu challenge is that the coronation ceremony of the Busoga kingship registers its climax here, as the Kyabazinga (king) as the local direct refers to him, he is tasked to climb the hill, for the record.

Kagulu is really an anomalous hill and should the king fail out on this celebrated task, then traditionally, that individual is not the rightful heir to the Busoga throne! There’s yet another great tale of all time that a variegated dual-headed snake and pluck leopard guarded, you will be stunned as you listen to these timely narratives during this great hiking challenge on the vertiginous Kagulu Hill.

With anxiety you shall take your maiden attempt to climb uphill. And as you advance closer, the hill will deceitful seem to be moving further away. It has a staircase on the southern side, built on the orders of now deceased former of Uganda president Idi Amin who was enchanted by the clear view it gave of neighboring districts in Busoga, Teso and Lango regions. The staircase was one of the two options of reaching the top of the hill, the other, climbing it from the northern side.

The journey to the top takes you through six small rocks which tradition says are Mukama’s brides; Kagweere, Bukolimo, Butadewo, Mpanga, Kagweese and Muwaale. The summit of the hill, 10,000 feet above sea level is home to a number of brilliant black and grey rocks and caves which are now habitats to primates and reptiles. But considering to Busoga mythology, these caves once offered sanctuary to early settlers in the land.

There’s a miniature lake atop the hill that attracts people from all over Busoga who believe it allots good fortune. The residents here assert that the lake never runs out, no matter the magnitude of drought. Locals from Busoga region believe that this water is a source of blessings, but the condition is “what you want and how you ask the gods to meet your needs.”
Dropping a coin into the water, they say, earns you a reward from the ancestors. You will meet a number of women beseeching the gods to bless and strengthen their marriages. You will meet one who has come along with a child for blessing, saying she “got it” from the gods last year when she came to Kagulu after a decade in a childless marriage; these and many more mythical stories can only be heard while on this spot. Come savor a magical hiking safari as unseen.


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