Kisoro is approximately 43 kilometers by road, west of kabale, the largest town in the kigezi sub region. This is approximately 460 kilometers, by road, southwest of Kampala. Kisoro is located under the peaks of the Mufumbiro Mountains, which are part of the Virunga Mountains and home to rare mountain gorillas, scenery, Lake Mutanda, colorful markets. Volcano trekking is also available for visitors in Kisoro. It is the nearest town to the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which attracts tourists to observe critically endangered mountain gorillas and is an access town for those traveling to Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo for gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park or the Virunga National Park. The town itself is magic because it lives a typical African life. So if you have a free afternoon, it is worth to set out to the local market or simply observe life, which is for non-African traveler somewhat unusual.

The main street splits in the middle of town and forms a kind of square which is lined with shops and little hotels all around. There is no problem to find accommodation or food at a reasonable price or to arrange a trip to Mgahinga National Park or to any other volcano in the area. Since kisoro is more of a rural character, there are a plenty of garbage that are taken up by local animals.

The main road splits on one side of Kisoro towards either the border with Rwanda or Congo, and to the other side it leads eastwards to the town of Kabale. In the eastern part of Kisoro is a market with crowds of people. From the center of town you can drive by a motorcycle or walk in about 10 minutes. An interesting fact about this road to Kabale is that it crosses the runway of local airport about 2 km behind the town.

The market itself is inside a kind of circular, there are several entrance gates, but they are somehow outside of this building. It is possible to get here a lot of things such as food or clothing and typical for Africa is that the market plays with a variety of cheerful colors.

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