Is Uganda safe and Secure for safaris? Yes, the pearl of Africa is one of the safeties and most secure countries that you can visit for a safari. However, some tourists still think Uganda is not secure because of the effect of LRA rebels in Northern Uganda or Amin Dada’s regime, but all that is misinformation or misconception.  However, just like other countries around the World, personal safety and security is important for tourists on safaris and hence, the Health Tips for tourists who Safaris in Uganda include;

Avoid moving with expensive gadgets

Gadgets like cameras, binoculars and laptops are a big temptation for the street thieves who will not feel pity that you are a foreigner of a local. The foreigners however suffer more because they are not familiar with their ways. Carry these gadgets in a bag, use a strap and most importantly, don’t wear the bag on your back but rather wear in front of you because even during daytime, your bag can be opened without you realizing. Avoid loosely wearing cameras or binoculars on your shoulders.

Similarly, protect your mobile phones when moving in thronged areas because there is high rate of theft in congested areas especially within Kampala.

Do not walk at night

It is not safe to walk in isolated places at night, especially beyond 10pm. Walking at night in crowded streets is safer and make sure to walk with a local who knows the country well. There is a high rate or armed robbery by gangs commonly known as “Kifeesi” who mercilessly kill even for a mere Phone, hence you are advised to limit walking as night as it is in other countries.

Avoid carrying your passport and Visas wherever you go, otherwise you can lose everything.

Make sure to make copies of your passport and leave the originals in the hotel safe or at home. Tourists are advised to carry a small backpack when moving around the streets or even within the National Parks as a way of being cautious than being sorry. This doesn’t apply to only the passport but also the air tickets and all Identity Cards among others.

Don’t act lost even when it is obvious that you are lost.

This sounds strange or funny but that it more important to avoid being exploited and being a target for thieves. Ugandans especially Motorcycle riders-commonly known as Boda bodas will charge you ten times the normal fare to a particular destination if they realize you are not sure of the place. It’s for this reason that you need to first get information about the place you are heading to including the distance, transport fares and directions to avoid being taken advantage of.

Leave your jewelry home

Avoid moving with expensive jewelry especially Gold chains, watches because they are also sources of temptations to thieves. You can instead wear watches with leather straps or the locally crafted jewelry that most thieves seem to have no interest in.

Reduce on your visits to Slums

Slums are places with high rate of crimes especially theft, unless you are a volunteer visiting a church, NGO or school. Due to the high rate of poverty in these places, the slum dwellers opt to steal because of the circumstances that surround them.

Avoid moving with a lot of money and even that little that you carry, keep it out of sight

Avoid moving with large sums of money and if it so happens that you have a lot of money, put your wallet in the front pockets where you can easily feel or tell when someone is trying to steal from you. All valuable and money can be left in your homes or hotel rooms.

In conclusion, Uganda is an interesting country to visit but not all that glitters is Gold because of the safety and security issues due to the high rate of crimes in the country. It is therefore important to leave your jewelry at home, avoid moving with large sums of money and avoid moving at night in lonely places.

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