Like any destination, driving in either Uganda or Rwanda requires one to pay keen attention to road signs which come in form of symbols and most of which are erected above or along the road sides. They offer mainly instructions and information different road users. These traffic signs are basically used to enhance road safety and you are required to observe all of them while on self drive in Uganda so as not to be a culprit of road accidents. Prior driving off you must be aware of traffic signs and road markings what they symbolize as they come in three categories-regulatory, information and warning signs. Below is a list of traffic signs that you need to observe while on self drive in either Uganda or Rwanda.

Speed limit sign

This is of great value when it comes to traffic control as it is used to set a maximum speed in which vehicles should move on specific stretches of the roads. The speed limit signs are set per hour and differ in the limit based on where one is driving from. Speed limits are enforced by national and regional traffic police of Rwanda and have to be obeyed so as to reduce cases of trouble while on road.

Yield sign

This is also known as give way sign which is designed to indicate that a driver must slow down or even stop where possible to give way to the other party. This can also be sighted in most of the junctions and roundabouts. When you spot out this sign make sure that you stop and give way to any car on the main road ahead. Never continue to main road till you are very sure that it is safer for you.

Traffic lights

These are designed in 3 distinct color phases of red, yellow and green. Each of which has a meaning, the red light is a stop sign and all vehicles do as instructed, the yellow light warns you that the light is almost to change to red and you have to be ready at this moment whereas the green light allows you to continue with your movement. Take note of them and do not confuse them.

Zebra crossing

This is another significant road signs that needs to be observed. It comes in black and white just like the coat of a zebra but it is marked on the road surface. It signifies rights of way to pedestrians. When you get into areas of this kind, make sure that you make a stop and let pedestrians cross and then you continue afterwards.

No overtaking

This is also meant to check on those who want to overtake others and yet this can be of high risk to travelers. The signs are always found on bends and in hilly areas. This no overtaking regulation ends when the lines in the road change to a broken white line from a continuous white line. Once you fail to observe this sign, you will be bound to crime in Rwanda as you can easily cause accidents.

No parking

This is another significant road regulatory sign which is designed to limit drivers from parking in particular areas unless you are just dropping or picking up a person and it has to be done within 5 minutes.

Men at work signs

This is one of the valuable road signs that give temporary warning to drivers that there are road works ahead. They come in brightly colored for you to easily see. It checks on careless drivers and once you reach to these areas you are expected to slow down.

Stop sign

This features among the traffic signs and it mainly notifies drivers that they have to stop and make sure that there is no vehicle which is coming again prior continuing into the main route. All in all, stop signs are mostly found in junctions of main roads. Once you get nearer the stop sign, it doesn’t matter whether the road is free or not, you are required to make stop and critically assess the situation and know that there is no other vehicle coming from the other side of the road.

No U turn sign

This comes in curved arrow which indicates the U-turn a bold prohibition symbol cutting across. It means that a driver can’t change the direction to which they are moving to the opposite direction in that specific place.

Emergency car warning signs

Whereas this is not as common as the above listed signs, you are equally encouraged to take note of it. This sign alerts the driver on emergency vehicle which is coming by especially cars from fire stations, ambulances from hospitals and other emergencies. When you get to areas like these, make sure that you stop and give way for emergency cars and after you can join the road and continue with your journey.

In conclusion, following the above listed signs will help you stay safe from road accidents and also from incurring extra costs due to careless driving on road. We believe that once you observe the above signs, you will enjoy self drive safaris in Uganda or Rwanda with no disturbances.

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