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Planning for a successful vacation experience, business trip or wedding can be challenging because there is so much to be put together. But in this article, you stand a chance to choose the right luxury car that suits your travel needs in Kampala capital city of Uganda.

Our luxury Uganda car rentals provide ultimate comfort, quality, performance and amenities compared to any other usual car. They are also fitted with essential equipment to make your road trip interesting. Our luxury rental cars are suitable for high-class functions, official events although some people these days hire them just to drive around. Getting behind the wheels of our full-time 4×4 luxury car hire is a dream come true! Here is a list of our 6 best luxury cars to rent in Kampala City Uganda.


If luxurious rental cars with outstanding performance is what you are looking for then you have a million reasons to book a BMW. This luxury car category is popular for its high velocity and smoothness, comfort and accommodates up to 5pax. The interior consists of leather seats to provide you with absolute comfort. Our BMW rentals are also fitted with CD player, FM radio, remote tank opener, button stop, cruiser control and these are unique features you may not find in most usual cars.


Also, most popular as Limo, the Limousine is one of the famous luxury vehicles on planet earth. It is among our best luxury rentals and it comes with 2 compartments accommodating up to 6 or more people. Limousine rental cars are built in a unique style and offers ultimate comfort to you. Our Limo rentals are fitted with a mini-fridge, MP3, CD player, FM radio, comfortable seats, TV and others. They are available for booking whether for weddings, parties or airport transfers.

Range Rover

4×4 Range Rover Sport is incredibly one of the best among most luxury rental cars in Kampala. It is a mid-size SUV made by UK based automobile company-Jaguar Land Rover. It is distinctly designed with magnificent exterior and incredible interior features ranging from air conditioner, adequate leg room, leather seats, adequate luggage room.

Land Cruiser V8

Hire our full-time 4×4 Land Cruiser V8 and explore Kampala uniquely. Our Land Cruiser V8 rentals are attractive, large in size and powerful. They come with lavish interior features such as FM radio, MP3, CD player, AC and accommodates up to 5pax together with the driver.


If you love SUV vehicles then you have a thousand reasons to hire a Hummer for your road trips in Kampala city Uganda. Hummer rentals are impressive and stylish with capacity of 4pax. It comes with interesting features especially comfortable seats, adequate leg room and other features.

Mercedes Benz

Discover a unique experience while on a road trip in Kampala only while behind the wheels of Mercedes Benz. You can choose from our range of Mercedes Benzes including S-class, E-class, C-class or the 4×4 G-class. All these classic rentals offer amazing treat to visitors while in Kampala.


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