Fort Portal City

Fort Portal lies in the northern foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, 300km west of Kampala and 50km north of Kasese town in western Uganda. Fort Portal town is one of the most attractive towns in Uganda and has several landmarks like hotels, banks, restaurants, golf course and many more

It is the only town in Uganda with an English name “Fort Portal”, and the town was named after the British Consul General of Zanzibar, Sir Gerald Portal, who came in Uganda in 1890s to formalize British protectorateship over Uganda. Fort Portal town is the seat of both Kabarole district and Toro Palace, built in the 1960s.

Many travellers stay overnight in this small, quiet and pleasant town in the northern end of the Rwenzori Mountains, en route to Murchison Falls national Park. Others use it as the base from which to explore Semliki Valley and the Kibale Forest Primate Reserve. Though not as convenient as Kasese, it is also possible to organize a trek in the mountains from here. Other attractions include, the hot springs in Semliki Valley and pygmy villages.

Attractions & activities in fort portal include;

The beautiful Toro Palace. The palace lies on the hill above the town. It was restored by Libyan government following the rooting and destructions in 1960s, when Kingdoms where abolished in Uganda by Obote government.

Sir Gerald Portal statue which lies at the main road of the town

Karambi Tombs: The Karambi Tombs are the burial grounds of OmukamaKasagama&Rukidi III. They are located 5km out of the town on the Kasese Road

Fort Portal town is the gateway to the Rwenzori Mountains which are viewed from most corners of the town. Kibale, Queen Elizabeth, Semliki Valley National Park lie are few hours drive away from the town centre. Excursions to these parks can be arranged by Kabarole Tours, a local tour operator based in Fort Portal.

Tours to crater lakes, caves (Amabere Caves) & waterfalls around Fort Portal town. These can be arranged by Kabarole Tours. See contacts above.

Toro golf course & Toro Botanical Gardens

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Banking facilities

Fort Portal town has branches for most banks in Kampala, like Crane Bank, Barclays Bank, Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Post Bank Uganda, Stanbic Bank, United Bank for Africa and Bank of Uganda. Micro finance banks also operate in this amazing town, these include; Pride Microfinance Ltd & Uganda Finance Trust Ltd.

Barclays &Stanbic banks provide foreign exchange services. ATMs operate 24hours.

Restaurants & bars

Fort Portal Town has got several restaurants which serve decent meals. Below is a list of restaurants to eat at in Fort Portal.

Rwenzori Travellers Inn, Don’s Plaza, Pierre’s Pizzeria, Momo Tea Room, Mesh’s Bar & Glue Pot Bar


The town has got several shopping points scattered along the main road. The most popular is Andrew’s supermarket which stocks a wide range of local & imported food & drinks. Local handicrafts and souvenirs shops are also located along the Fort-Portal – Kampala Road.


Heartbeat disco (Rumandika Road) & Club Ecstasy (Bwamba Road) are the only two night clubs in Fort Portal.

Distance between Kampala and fort portal

The Distance between Kampala and Fort Portal (Kabarole) is: 259.07 kilometers (km).

The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 297.93 km to 323.84 km


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