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Need one-way rental services rather than a round-trip? There is no better way to enjoy a flexible road trip than one-way travel experience. One-way rentals offer visitors freedom to get where they wish without any worries of driving again to where they began their trips from. Here is a guide to one-way car rentals to Uganda.

What is a one-way car rental?

One-way car rental is basically when person hiring a car picks the car in one place and drops it somewhere else. The rental company charges you some fee to meet expenses of returning the car to its original place. This usually applies especially for visitors planning to navigate between cities, towns and countries or airports within the same town. These rental services are preferable for travelers with plans to embark on long distance trips or you are on business trip.

What is a drop off fee for one-way rental in Uganda?

One-way rental fee also popular as ‘drop-fee’ and it is indicated on your rental invoice. It is what states your one-way hire charge.

How much is a one-way rental car in Uganda?

The rates for one-way rentals in Uganda differ significantly from company to company or distances between 2 locations. Some locations provide free one-way hire but for long distance trips, you may incur a charge slightly higher.

Why are one-way hire cars expensive?

One-way rentals are considered expensive usually because of the distances between destinations that travelers on Uganda safari cover. The longer your pick up and drop off locations, the more costly your hire becomes. This is to help rental company re-arrange and determine the cost of returning the vehicle to its original location. Also, the rates are influenced by factors of supply and demand.

When can I pay for my one-way rental?

Fees for one-way rentals are normally paid at the start of your renting a car. Once you make a deposit at rental counter but not online when reserving, you are guaranteed of navigating to other country or city of your choice.

Can I drop one-way rental at different place?

Drop off policies differ from company to company and it is important to find out what applies in a company you plan to deal with. Some rental companies restrict and others permit drop off rental at specific points based on insurance policies or border crossing restrictions.

Restrictions on drop off may apply depending on the demand for one-way rental services and this is regardless of whether you are dealing with small rental company or big company with so many locations.


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