The car type you choose to use during your road trip will determine its success rate. Many cars are available in stock and ready to hit the safari roads. 4×4 cars are the perfect safari vehicles and have outmatched other car types (2×2 cars) in Uganda. It is highly demanded on the travel market since it can reach rugged terrain areas.

These cars are used mostly for safaris, drive guided travels, airport pickups, solo travel, wedding transportation, camping, picnics, city rounds and many others. 4×4 wheel drive vehicles include safari vans, Toyota land cruiser, Land cruiser Prado, Toyota super custom, Rav 4, coaster among others. These cars can be obtained at any car hire agency after reaching an agreement and offered at an affordable price. They are given out on a self-drive basis but tourists who are not well conversant with the location are given a driver on request. This is why you should rent a 4×4 vehicle in Uganda for a road trip.

Convenient and comfortable

Every dollar of our client counts and we look forward to giving back equal services paid for. 4×4 wheel drive cars will never disappoint but offer satisfaction to whoever uses them. Its mechanism is customized to travel and enables clients to reach their desired destinations safe and sound. 4×4 WD cars are spacious and convenient providing enough space for clients and their cargo. The car mechanism enables it to pass through difficult rugged places and off beaten tracks at far distant parts of Uganda. The unique bit of it is, it has a hard carrier tented rooftop which offers a camping platform and a popup top for easy viewing of game in various Uganda’s national parks.

Flexible and reliable

The number one adventure before reaching your destination is Uganda’s road network. The roads are twisted in a way that some are in good conditions making driving easy and others are scary and full of potholes such as the off beaten tracks but as long as you are in a 4×4 WD vehicle worry not. These customized machines are a saviour during the rainy season when roads get slippery and dry seasons when dust limits the movement of cars. Saloon cars or 2×2 wheel Drive cars cannot be used for safaris rather be taken for city rounds. The roads are part of the adventure so experience and get a story to tell.

Quality and affordable

The appearances of the 4×4 wheel drive vehicles tend to scare off people thinking that they are way too expensive for their budget. Trust me the way they look doesn’t determine their prices but the need to be used and satisfy clients is the main aim. The quality of these cars reaches the standards of the client’s tastes and they are affordable to hire. You can access any of the desired cars from Car Rental in Uganda, scattered mostly in the urban parts of the country. Cars are available but prices vary depending on the type of car and the number of people it accommodates.



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