Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

If you have never been to Uganda, then it is one of the greatest mistakes ever done by you in your life time. Uganda is among the East African countries that is worth to pay a keen attention in regards to tourism industry. Taking up a gorilla safari in Uganda is one of the memorable decisions done by every enthusiastic tourist plus the safari holiday for those on relaxation holidays. Going for a gorilla trek can be combined with a safari holiday at Lake Bunyonyi.

Before going for the holidays and gorilla tracking, it is advisable to make a planned and organized tour in all aspect with the company and this is the best way of enjoying the holidays and the safaris when everything is in the hands of the local tour company, gorilla tracking permits have to be booked before even going for the safari since their availability is uncertain due to the high demand. The fact is each gorilla family is allowed to be tracked by a maximum of eight people in a group per day; therefore being among them is one of the best experiences forever.

Gorilla tracking in Uganda is done from her two unique national parks of Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga national parks both located in the south western part of the country. From Kampala to these two parks, 8-9hours of driving is required including stop overs for refreshments and lunch along the way. Gorilla tracking cannot be done on that very day of arrival in Uganda; visitors spend an overnight at the nearest lodges, hotels and camping sites as they wait for the great trek within the parks in search for gorillas.

Currently, Uganda has phased off discounted permits and there is no longer low seasons, all tracking permits for gorillas costs USD 600 and that preferring gorilla habituation goes at USD 1500 per day per person. Tracking starts at exactly 8am in all the two national parks and it’s at the park headquarters, Bwindi impenetrable national park has got fourteen gorilla families  all distributed in its four sectors of  Ruhija, Nkuringo, Buhoma and the Rushaga sector.  Mgahinga national park so far has one gorilla group known as the Nyakagezi group and this is the only tracked and habituated group within the park though being the smallest among all the ten national parks of Uganda.

All these sectors have got different Gorilla groups that are tracked and habituated, gorilla trekkers are only allowed to used one hour while taking photos, enjoying the smile and the superiority powers exhibited by the silver back gorilla and also seeing how the infants cling on their mothers backs in the process of movement. For gorilla habituaters, the all day is assigned to them and they get to enjoy as much as possible since they stay with them throughout.

After a great hectic day of trekking, visitors can embark into their vehicles and proceed to Lake Bunyonyi for a holiday, this is the best way of hiding away from stress and agony since the beauty of the landscape, the weather and its climate all provides a nice place to stay at. While at the lake one may engage in a boat cruise with the local people around, fishing and sports from all the amenities available at the places of residence.

Visitors who wish to engage in fishing at the lake may carry their own equipments all hire from the available local fisher men. All these activities are done at a cheaper price from the service providers at the lake, sunbathing is best enjoyed  here hence making a gorilla safari and the tour holiday the best activity forever in ones moments while in the pearl of Africa.


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