Visitors to Uganda are encouraged to support the community through their developmental projects such as being accommodated in their Campsites and homesteads, hire community guiding services, buying their local handcrafts, giving a helping hand to the disadvantaged people and areas amongst others.

Sharing the natural resources of a local community with visitors generates sustainable benefit of that local community whilst conserving the natural environment and respecting cultural setup.

Activities that Visitors can do to help or participate in Community tours

During your stay in Uganda you can enjoy one or more of the following activities. The host community will warmly welcome you.

Participate in day-to-day activities of a local community as traditional music and dance, drama and theatres, festivals and sports and art and craft making, you will find it very interesting and inspiring.

Take a community walk while on your tour. Here visitors will be introduced to the community’s cultural practices and norms, way of life, visit the village blacksmith, storyteller, farmer, traditional healer and local handcraft makers, buying their local handcrafts. Every time you buy a local community craft or service, you are helping the community to help themselves. At the same time, you receive a unique product or service in return.

Volunteer in any of the local community projects, partnership projects or take a visit to these project or giving a donation.

Get accommodation facilities and services in any of the community homesteads setup.

Take photography and filming tours to Community Developmental Groups, IDP camps, needy projects, war tone areas and areas affected by natural hazards.

Why take a Community Tour?

Community tours will make visitors enjoy the gracious of true Ugandan culture, hospitality and friendliness. Visitors will meet people of different ethnic groupings and learn far more about them and their culture. Visitors will feel better while the visit will genuinely helping hosting community.

Community tourism revenue helps to improve living standards of the host community through a number of initiatives including a child school sponsorship programme, saving projects and conservation project. Your stay will help creating local job opportunities and the income will be used to support the community projects.

All community tours are planned with the involvement and consent of local communities through giving a fair share of profits back to the local community, involve communities rather than individuals, be environmentally sustainable, respect culture and social structures of the host, have mechanisms to help communities cope with the impact of western tourists, keep groups small to minimize cultural / environmental degradation and brief tourists before the trip on appropriate behavior.

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