Uganda has some of the most beautiful island destinations in the world offering complete leisure  ambience  to visitors all day long. Many people choice them for weekend gateways, honeymoon and other spend one- 2 days after their main trip adventures in the country especially gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest national park. Although every island is equally desired and perfect for vacations in Uganda, each is unique and perfect for different travelers with different interests. Those interested in chimpanzee viewing can’t visit an island without chimpanzees and those interested in historical attachment can’t explore an island with only leisure values. See here the top stunning islands to go on vacation while in Uganda any time of the year.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba island offers a diverse number of activities for people of all ages and it’s a great place for family travel, friends and couples.Chimapnzee feeding, Chimpanzee viewing, boat ride, forest walk through Ngamba trail, Swimming, bird watching, fishing ,care giver program etc are some of the day activities that keep people busy at the island on day and overnight visits. There is accommodation at the island for those interested in overnight stays. Find this beautiful chimpanzee sanctuary on Lake Victoria accessed by boat from Entebbe landing site. Be one of the day care givers or view chimps as they feed or be part of the team that feeds and monitors chimpanzees al day at the island. It’s amazing to spend time with the 49 orphan chimpanzees all day.

Lake Bunyonyi Island

Famously considered one of the most beautiful of all Uganda islands, Lake Bunyonyi has long been a popular spot for honeymooners and leisure travelers to Uganda.It features many leisure activities like swimming, boat ride, hiking, sun bathimg,Batwa cultural excursions  plus the hilly landscape .The lake alone habours 29 small islands famous for Bakiga cultural traditions of  the girl child. Bird watchers, its also your place to be because there is a diverse number of bird species to enjoy all day. When the day gets hot, the lake is Bilihazia free for swimmers. The Lake fresh winds and cool weather is definite what couples seek for in any honey moon destination. The lodges and cottages are superb all in locations close to the lake.

Ssese Islands

Ssese also known as the Biggest Island on lake Victoria in Uganda has 84 lush small islands including Kalangala the most visited for leisure and fan. When visiting Ssese you will explore the lake beauty on boat, swim, go fishing, take nature walks and much more. Another thing you will not miss out is the wonderful sunset views on the lake that fill up the sky in the evening just before sunset. The island has various lodges that catter for budget and luxury travelers and they include Pineapple Bay, Ssese Habitant lodge, Brovad Ssese Sand hotel, Pearl beach hotel and much more.

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