A small land locked country in East Africa Uganda that many know as “The Pearl of Africa” is an exciting magical tourism destination offering visitors unparalleled dramatic landscape, profusion wildlife and unique experience. The country is blessed with several natural assets from snow capped mountains to lakes, forests and valleys making it a great place for safari holidays and vacations. Uganda beauty is breathtaking compared to no other in threatened gorillas safaris, chimpanzees and lakes.

Water fans its your place to be as it’s a home to the second water fresh lake in the world-Lake Victoria that share boundaries with Tanzania and Kenya. The most fantastic water tour adventures and activities are  done here including white water rafting, boat cruise, fishing, playing in the sand , swimming , sunbathing  and island exploration.

Uganda, as one of the most amazing African countries, boasts of being one of the best tourist destinations. There are a variety of things that have made Uganda a special country to travel to. With untamed natural landforms, amazing variations in vegetation covers, and greater natural wonders like rivers and lakes, Uganda is a special tourist destination. When opting for an adventure in Africa, let us let you know some of these top places to plan your Uganda tour here.

National Parks

Uganda is a home to the most stunning wildlife viewing places on earth and it humbles most travelers when the beauty of nature plays out right before their eyes. Come and see the big five and other impressive wildlife in Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls in both morning and evening hours during game drives and launch cruise on the Nile. All the game reserves protect a good number of wildlife, attractive views, primates, birdlife and culture. A wildlife safari in Uganda’s top game parks is an unforgettable that will forever be remembered about Africa.

Most visitors of course are attracted to this distinct country by its mountain gorillas, game parks, majestic mountains and lush landscape. A trip to Bwindi impenetrable national park in the south west is exceptional for even classy  travelers. Visitors to the park meet up with mountain gorillas in the jungle and also explore the ancient cultural trail of the Batwa people.

Next to Bwindi forest is Mgahinga national park another gorilla trekking destination in Uganda also good for golden monkey treks and volcano hikes. Visitors in Mgahinga enjoy guided hikes and forest trails once a home to the Batwa people. However the ecosystem of the park make every moment of your stay worth. Other much visited Uganda national parks include Ruwenzori national park also called the “Mountain of the Moon” a place to explore fascinating vegetation and incredible views close to the sky, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kibale forest national park, Murchison falls national Park, Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s largest and most visited national park, Murchison Falls National Park, is located in the northern region and is commonly famous for its Murchison Falls along the Victoria Nile. Most of the safari routes connect to Murchison Falls, making the park attract the highest number of tourists in Uganda. One of the few parks in Uganda that permits a chance to watch the full list of the Big Five Games when connected with the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Adventure activities done in Murchison Falls National Park include:

Wildlife game drive
Wildlife boat cruise
Bird watching
Top of the falls watching
Nature walks
Community visits
Wild camping

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda’s most popular national park is also the second-largest and most visited. Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in western Uganda, at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. It’s seated along the Western Great Albertine Rift, stretching to the DRC’s Virunga Conservation Area. The park is also famous for the Kazinga Channel, which connects the two lakes Edward and Gorge. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most interesting savannah parks in Uganda. This park has the longest list of safari activities among the rest of the parks in Uganda.

Adventure activities done at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Wildlife game drive along the Kasenyi section
A boat cruise is done along the Kazinga channel.
Tracking tree-climbing lions in Ishasha
Lion tracking experiential
Mongoose tracking
Hippo census
Bird watching: the park hosts the highest number of bird species in the country.
Community visit
Exploring Lake Katwe and salt mining
Chimpanzee tracking at Kyambura Gorge

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The most exciting tourist destination where nature repeats itself At Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, people tend to track their biological origins, dating back 400 million years. Bwindi Impenetrable is located in southwestern Uganda within the rift valley escapements. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is famous for hosting almost half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. The park offers the highest chances of watching the gentle giants in their natural environment. Gorillas here are fully habituated; a trekking permit costs $700.

Adventure activities done at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Gorilla trekking
Bird watching
Batwa cultural experience
Mountain biking
Nature walks

Heritage Attractions

While upon arrival visitors are impressed by the modern efficient Entebbe Airport that is near multiple beaches, botanical gardens and part of Lake Victoria. Entebbe is just a hour drive from the booming capital Kampala also on the showers of lake Victoria.Other places of interest to visitors on short Uganda safaris  are the national museum, Kasubi tombs, Namugongho shrines, National theatre, Ndere centre, Independence monument, Entebbe Zoo, Bahai Temble, Nagalabi coronation site, Mengo Buganda palace , source of the Nile, Sezibwa falls, Mabira Forest, Owen falls Dam Itanda falls, Bujagali falls , Kalagala falls, and the busy city centre of Kampala. Kampala is one of the best pleasant cities to explore on foot not only for those in the shopping mood but for everyone.No matter when you chose to tour in Uganda, but be sure of a perfect amazed experience all through.

Jinja City

Jinja City is the East African capital of adrenaline adventures. Jinja City is located in eastern Uganda and is the largest city in that region. Jinja is the source of the highest voltage of hydropower used in the country and was once the industrial capital of Uganda. Today, Jinja is popularly known for hosting the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile. Along the flow of the river, there are various landform features that have turned Jinja into a tourism city. Among these landform features are waterfalls and cliffs, which have facilitated activities like whitewater rafting on the rapids.

Adventure activities done in Jinja city

Whitewater rafting
Bungee jumping
Water sliding
Visiting waterfalls like Intand Falls
Boat rides
Horse riding
Quad biking
Hill climbing
Events and happenings like the annual Nyengenye tourism festival

Kampala, the capital city

The most vibrant city in Uganda, and double it by being the capital. Kampala is located in the central region of Uganda, approximately 45 kilometers from Entebbe International Airport. Kampala’s capital is famous for several tourist experiences, among which are happenings like clubbing, various food tastes like Rolex, cultural experiences, religious centers, education, and administrative capital. There are a number of tourist activities and places that can be visited for various experiences.

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