Going on a safari should be on any bucket list and joining in on an organized safari can and should be unforgettable to think about. The 4×4 car rentals in Uganda have been modified according to specific regulations ensuring safety of the clients being moved. The regulations also vary from place to place as well as park regulations.

The 4×4 pickups that are converted for the use of safaris since they offer a maximum seating capacity of over 10 seats and the driver. The game drive frames have to be a minimum of 3 upright roll bars. The roll bars that are upright have to be a minimum of 38mm and a minimum of 2mm thickness. The entrance for the clients must be close or lock securely. Each frame has got a roof and it may be covered with fabric or comprise of a hard top. The seats of the car have to be staggered in height, the row of the seats have to be with foot rest, as well as a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

The 4×4 vehicles that travel on any arterial or national road conveying clients have got certificate of fitness certificate. These certificates are normally renewed annually and are given out after inspection has been completed and passed. These 4×4 vehicles have got a different number places are issued.

The main benefit of the 4 X4 vehicle is the traction and power. These are able to climb over the boulders and rocks that are up high especially in the mountainous areas. This will make it easy to reach all the places where you want to go. in order you are climbing a steep hill or are off loading, you will want the increased power in order to get over the obstacles and climb the steep hills. While 2WD will get you over even the steepest hills of San Francisco, if you are off-loading you will probably want the extra power that comes with 4WD.

The 4 WD improves the traction in dangerous driving conditions like in snow areas, rocks and many other scenarios that can make control difficult. By engaging both sets of wheels, traction and control improves.

The 4X4 vehicles have additional weight which contributes to better grip on the road. More so these vehicles are great for those who like off loading.

These vehicles have got un obstructed views. In addition to that is the fact that each row of the benches or seats is staggered in height. Therefore the last row will be the highest and the first row will be the lowest.

The seats are so comfortable however restrict movement most especially if you are a keen photographer. The benches give absolute flexibility and the advantage of being able to move one’s camera with ease.

The communication with one’s ranger or guide is made easier as t6heir is no obstruction between client and ranger. Ranger or Guide, these men or woman are passionate about what it is that they do. Each individual has to complete various courses and all courses vary in difficulty. No matter where one travels on safari it is the ranger or guide that will inevitably make the outing a memorable one.

The other advantages of a 4×4 vehicle include; safety well assured, the photographic opportunities assured, the vintage points from within the game drive vehicle, you have enough comfort, always with very qualifies Ranger/Guide as well as sit back and relax positions so present.


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