Ndungutse is one of the members of Nyakagezi gorilla family found in Mgahinga National park. This is the only one Gorilla group found in the park. Nyakagezi is a habituated group in Uganda and was officially launched for trekking by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on behalf of the Uganda government. Ndungutse is black back and yet to become a mature silverback- at the moment, he is respected as a young silverback- this is so because he has shown the interest and is expected to form or head a gorilla group- It is our prayer that Mgahinga forest national park form other gorilla groups hence widening Uganda’s gorilla tourism. It is confirmed that, gorilla trekking earns Uganda a lot of foreign exchange and it is the chief fetcher.

Bugingo is the old silverback (more than 50 years) and is the alpha and omega of Nyakagezi Gorilla family. He is thought to be the father Ndungutse and he is responsible for nurturing his son – Ndungutse to reach a level of dominating or forming a new family. In case of Bugingo’s death, Ndungutse is expected to succeed and take over the family to the next level. Ndungutse plays some roles of defending or protecting the young ones, carry baby gorillas- helps the female gorillas- mother gorillas.

Other silverbacks in Nyakagezi group include Mark (dominant silverback), Mafia (second silverback). The two also help Bugingo (old and dominant silverback) take on the minor leading role. Ndungutse has other brothers and sisters: Rukundo (blackback), Inshuti (adult female), Inshuti’s infant (Nvuyekure), Inshuti’s newborn infant, Cyizanye (adult female) and Cyizanye infant (Machati). They fed mostly on bamboo shoots (Sinarundinaria alpina), Ipomea sp leaves, Rubus sp leaves, Englerina sp and leaves of other un-identified vines. All the group members are in good health condition plus their Bugingo who is aging. The two females, Nshuti and Nyiramwiza, both have babies Furraha and Nkanda respectively. There is hope for Nyakagezi group to expand more and more as new off springs- new born babies join the group.


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