The waters of Lake Victoria cover most of Uganda with many of the districts surrounding this water body. It is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and the third Largest in the world today. Lake Victoria is shared among the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is a natural wonder to Uganda and the East African countries sharing it as it’s the source of River Nile, the second longest river in the world, with so many beautiful islands like Ssese Island, Bugala, Bukasa among others, it is also surrounded by so many beautiful beaches for relaxation and sun bathing with many found in Entebbe such as Ssese gateway beach, Lido beache, Botanical beach Entebbe, Garuga, Nabinonya, Kisubi, Lutembe, Spina among others.

These islands in the lake do have tropical forests with a number of primates and birds that can be viewed by tourists on nature walks.

A visit to Lake Victoria can fill you with activities like fishing and sport fishing and sailing from the islands, sun bathing at the beaches, birding like the Ngamba island, primate watching, cultural nature walks, boat rides and cruises, white water rafting ,bungee jumping, kayaking all are done from the waters of Lake Victoria in Jinja.

Uganda is known as a land of waters as most of its land is covered by water, in addition to lake Victoria, Uganda is covered by several other water bodies (lakes and rivers) that still offer the similar tour activities to travellers and among these we have Lake Kyoga- Uganda’s second largest lake, Lake Edward and George, Lake Mburo (with in the national park), Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Busina, together with crater lakes from the mountains such as Lake Katwe.

So many visitors flock Uganda for her Lake Victoria due to its several touris attractions that it offers its visitors and can be visited by all kinds of tourists ranging from backpackers to the big spenders and luxurious tourists.

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