Murchison Falls National Park
The park which was created in 1952 from the Bunyoro and Gulu game reserves covers 3,860 sq km. It is bisected by the Victoria Nile for 100km as it is serenely flows form Karuma falls to the Albert Nile. It is part of even larger Murchison area (5072 sq km) which includes the adjoining Karuma and Bugungu wildlife reserves. It’s home to several animals.
According to a 1969 census the park supported 26,500 buffalo, 14,000 hippo, 16,000 Jackson hartebeest, 30,000 Uganda kob, 11,000 warthog as well as big amounts of Rothschild’s giraffe and both black and white rhinoceros although these species are now extinct and have just been re-introduced .On the way to Murchison Falls, elephant, crocodiles, lions, Hippos, Hartebeest, Buffalo, Rothschild giraffe, Oribi and Monitor lizards may be seen.
Along the river bird life is spectacular. Red-throated bee-eaters nest in their hundreds in a river cliff near Paraa. While a plethora of water birds are found in and along the channel.
Most prized sightings are those of the strange looking Shoebill or Whale- headed Stork which frequents marshy areas. This maybe from the Paraa Lounge but at Victoria Nile’s Papyrus delta where the river enters Lake Albert opportunities are best.
Best game viewing is at the north of the Nile in Buligi Area which is beautiful grassland found between Albert and Victoria Niles. Also north of the river near Tangi is a river valley used by wildlife as a corridor to reach the Nile. Although game is scarcier in the bushier habitats south of the river, forest species like chimpanzee can be found in Kanyinyo Pabidi.

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